DECALU 88 STANDARD. The main goal of the project is to achieve similar or better thermal coefficients as compared to the existing systems, in connection with considerable simplification of the system structure. This, in turn, will greatly simplify the assembly technology of ready window and door structures and reduce the production time and the in-stock assortment of companies manufacturing ready window structures.

System parameters

Frame installation depth 88mm
Sash installation depth 97mm
Hardware 16mm
Rebate height 23mm
Rebate height Glazing bead height 23mm
Possible glass thickness: 12-7lmm
Internal visible height of the frame 20mm, 34mm, 48mm, 89mm
External visible height of the frame 43mm, 57mm, 71mm, 112mm
External visible height of the transom 66mm, 80mm, 94mm
Exterior frame and sash profile fiush -mounted
Interior rebated and fiush-mounted possible
Central gasket ABS integrated
Glazing rubbers TPE
Alloy EN AW 6060 T66
Thermal break ABS 49mm

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