DECALU 88 - Panel doors

DECALU 88 - Panel doors

DECALU88 PANEL DOORS with SO EASY technology have compensated thermal seals as standard. The use of this solution causes that the deformation of the door structure heated in summer and frozen in winter is significantly minimized. The SO EASY thermal gasket assembly has been patented. Solid fastening of locks and fittings in the thermal space provides unmatched aesthetics of our panel solutions. The frame can use LED backlight and infrared barriers. Rollenband hinges, specially designed for the DECALU88 PANEL DOOR system, in contrast to existing products on the market, are fastened with screws, do not require profile processing before installation and do not ,,thermally bridge”. The system has optimal thermal properties (in accordance with Zero Energy 2020 regulations), and due to the reduced number of components, production is easy and fast. DECALU88 PANEL DOORS solutions are available in many visual lines, in classic and industrial style.

System parameters

Frame installation depth 88mm
Sash installation depth88mm
HardwareU-shaped locking plates
Rebate height 25mm
Glazing bead height23mm
Possible glass thickness:12-62mm
Internal visible height of the frame 31mm, 52,7mm, 54mm, 75,7mm
External visible height of the frame31mm, 52,7mm, 54mm, 75,7mm
External visible height of the transom 66mm, 80mm, 94mm
Central gasketn/a
Glazing rubbersTPE
AlloyEN AW 6060 T66
Thermal breakABS 49 mm

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